Friday, November 12, 2010

DAY-5 at Train the Trainer Programme DC International at Lonavala by Arthur F. Carmazzi


1. Day 5 entered with the carry forward of the course content covered on Day 4. The leadership GURU, Arthur F. carmazzi himself had covered ‘Being Right’ and ‘The Color Brain Analysis’ on the fourth day.

2. Having being a trainer of sorts for the last four years, it was for the first time that I had covered the ‘Human Analysis’ in such a detail. To speak the truth, in my 49 years of existence, having mentored a cross section of ‘Students’, ‘Candidates, both for NDA, IMA and the IIMs’, I had no inkling that the ‘Human Analysis’, so covered by ‘THE RENOWNED LEADERSHIP GURU Himself’ could have brought such clarity to my understanding of the ‘Human Brain’.

3. To say that ‘The Human Brain’ lay split open with the reasoning so very evident as to how an individual behaves when alone or in a group, would not be incorrect. In fact, yesterday, during the tea-breaks, based on the ‘theoretical details’, Tools Employed for the Analysis’ and ‘The Conduct of Exercises’, while in attendance of the Programme, analysed three of my clients, in Delhi and Chandigarh.

4. How a person can be best suited and accordingly recruited and/or adopted to a particular task/job, based on his ‘Brain Colour’ was a revelation to me. The secret of making a few changes in my organisation set up to bring out major increase in productivity lay bare in front of me.

5. How much this knowledge will help me to transform, self and so many, in and around my environment and those organisations who wish to improve their productivity, is seemingly now a reality rather than a dream that I have been seeing for some time now. Well!! As they say, ‘Better Late Than Never’.

6. The Attendees, in groups of two today demonstrated their abilities at a ‘Sales Presentation’. A job, which is the start point for taking on to any of the transformation exercises. It was being attempted on the discussed and well established guidelines of the complete programme. Lessons were leant from the presentations so that the same can bring out best results to change the environment around us.

7. For the first time, I was exposed to the ‘Emotional Drive’ aspects of the Human Beings. This has opened fresh vistas in me to establish as to how we behave individually with each other. By just increasing our ‘Circle of Tolerance’, we can have better understanding and relationships within the groups.

8. Why a student/candidate performs and the other does not, is crystal clear now. Why a husband and wife fight over trivial issue is clearer to me today, after 26 years of my married life. Why my colleagues do not achieve their targets and why the groups underperform is so very evident now.

9. ‘Need Sucking’ explained why we behaved so very negative when instigated. I also understood as to why I ever instigated anyone else. Will you not agree that knowing to a large extent as to how and why an individual behaves in a given circumstance makes things better for us to understand GROUP DYNAMICS?

10. The participants spent the evening at the poolside campfire in the resort and rejuvenated to freshen up due to the tough last three days and prepare themselves for another rough Day 6 tomorrow.

11. Looking forward to the Grilling six more days of the content of learning!!      

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