Saturday, November 13, 2010

DAY-6 Train the Trainer Programme DC Psychology at Lonavala


Another gruesome long day!!
The day commenced with the application of Emotional Drives and the Human Drivers. No!! No!! Stupid, NOT the ONES’ THAT DRIVE the CARS!! These are those who can’t be seen, if NOT DELIBERATE. They actually drive the human beings.
These along with the positive, negative aspects of the Human Drivers along with the Need Sucking were adequately driven home by a great interactive tool- HUMAN DRIVERS CHALLENGE.
Thereafter, we also covered some of the Instincts in the Human Beings. We understood “Fear and Courage” as never before!!!
Fear of ‘Fall and Noise” are predominant in a baby was analysed and accepted. The fear of ‘Failure, Unknown and Loss’ came up for discussion next.
Knowing our BOSSES, We also asked if ‘fear’ can be used to control people. No!! Not et-all, cried Arthur, THE GURU. It was possible, for a short time before the environment became wiser. The need for security was considered directly related to FEAR. Give the environment, Assurance, Growth and Excellence, the FEAR VAMOOSES!!!
Fear was also found proportionate to Risk. Greater the Fear, greater would be the Risk. Is FEAR an Assumption, whispered one of the future DCI Trainer? No!! Whispered back Arthur, it was a primary Human Instinct designed for SURVIVAL. 
COURAGE, figured next in the discussion. Am I courageous? Yes, all of us are. Even a common man is courageous, especially when he has to be brave AT HOME in front of HIS BETTER HALF!!! No, especially when he has to play the role of a leader.
Even the child who has to go on the stage for a performance has to have courage. Courage is actually a COGNITIVE PROCESS.
Do You Have it in You? Courage!! No!! The COGNITIVE BRAIN???
Have fun tonight and wait for the TESTING EXERCISES that I have to take, one on Stage and the other on Paper……….
Well, No Respites... In any case, Here I come DAY-7………………..  


  1. Really there is a need for such unique concepts in our daily life and we need to really focus on them ....Because the best part is it is within us it just the need for realization.

    Great Thoughts !!!!!!!

  2. Human drivers - what a marvelous concept! We are pushed from innate or extrinsic forces to act and live a certain way. This message perhaps gathers from the freudian school of thought which states that we dont have any free will. All our thoughts and actions are direct respondents of a cause which may have been in our past or our current present.

    really makes you think!!