Sunday, November 21, 2010


Dear Friends,

   The first batch of  TRAINERS after The Train  Trainer Programme is out and ready to launch themselves in the  ENVIRONMENT. The first question, post completion that comes to my own mind is, Have I Achieved What I Set Out For? The answer to the same is, NO!! NO!!!......... it Has Been Much More Than That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

   This was the first feel that i had when i was standing on the last day, for my final Extempore Viva-Voce,     in front of NONE ELSE but ARTHUR F. CARMAZZI, the Leading Leadership GURU of the world. As I went through the paces of the final outflow of what i had learnt over the last 11 days, I could feel THE TRANSFORMATION IN MESELF. 

   I also thought about, how i could be part of the contribution that i had ever imagined earlier, to the environment around me to make it that much better. I APPLIED THAT TO THE THREE NEIGHBOURS THAT I HAD ON MY FLIGHT BACK TO DELHI. 

   The glint of curiosity in the eyes of Cheryl, a young HR Executive; Mr Pillay, the President in an Insurance Company and Rameshwar, a young Executive with Wipro, said it all. They all saw the TRANSFORMATION and wanted the same in them and the Environment around them.

   I have little to add there after that the scope for self-improvement is a plenty; the need  exists to understand THYSELF and the ENVIRONMENT that much Better TO MAKE IT CLICK and IMPROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY TO A POINT OF NO RETURN.

   Do you know how you can actually make a difference to the environment?................................. Will it make you all feel you feel good that you are achieving to your optimum, if not more?....  Will you like to be the one who can make a difference to your friends?.............................          Would you like to be the initiator to a better group dynamics that can function like a well oiled machine?

   The take is all yours. This is just a beginning friends. The WORLD AWAITS YOU!!!!!!!!!